Mew (gokumew2) wrote in vampire_knight,

VK sheets for sale

Hi everyone! Need some money so I'm selling my VK sheets. I've got both Zero and Kaname available, one of each. Sheets only. They are still sealed, never opened and in perfect condition. If you're interested, please make an offer. (No low-balling, please. I have a figure in mind.) Highest offer will get it, if it's in the ballpark of what I have in mind.

Shipping will be via Priority Mail + Delivery Confirmation in the U.S. and either First-Class or Priority for international. I can fit both sheets inside a Priority Mail flat-rate envelope and ship for $5.60 in the U.S., or $12.95 international ($10.95 for Canada/Mexico).

PayPal only. 8% credit/debit in the U.S., 10% non-U.S.
Tags: merch
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