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22 November 2012 @ 12:58 am

This is NOT a direct Japanese-English translation!

Night 88 The resolution of a 17-year-old

Page 1 The tip of the sword is more eloquent than lips

Page 3 (please note that I didn't include the color page)

Yuuki: Kaname…

Page 4

Yuuki: Wait…he’s gone…

Page 5

Yuuki: He must have gone to Isaya-san!

Page 6

Isaya: About that child who's left behind by my friends…

Page 7

(cont’d) and about you…I don’t think I can stand by and watch any longer, especially if I’m going to become a target one day. That’s why I hosted this masquerade, so that I can talk to you alone.

Page 8

Isaya: Welcome, Kaname-kun. I’m glad to meet you like this. Have you come here to take my life…or is there something that you need my help with? Or are you just here to make sure she’s alright, here for the girl who inherited your thickest blood?

Page 9

Isaya: You, the ancestor who has been left alone in the world...most of the weapons that can kill purebloods have disappeared. If you want to eliminate all the purebloods all by yourself, their number is going to pose a problem for you.

Page 10

(cont’d) Under such a circumstance, and knowing that this was a trap, you came to me anyway. So is there something…that only I can do?

Kaname: I once considered turning Yuuki human with my life.

Page 11

(cont’d) But I can’t do that anymore, because I’m going to be the new “original metal”.

Page 12

Vampire A: Don’t you think that something is wrong?

Vampire B: Yeah…

Vampire C: Not only did Isaya-sama leave the ball, but the Kuran princess and her company both disappeared as awell…

Vampire D: That’s probably because the Kuran family patriarch showed up.

Page 13

(cont’d) He’s the one who killed the younger brother of this one over here and my husband. Don’t let him get away.

Rima: Excuse me, please wait.

Yuuki: Er…

Page 14

Shiki: They are busy in there, so we can’t let you through.

Isaya: If I can bid farewell to this cursed and indestructible body, I will do it in your stead when the time comes.

Page 17

Takuma (at least I hope that’s him): That’s enough, come, Shiki, Rima.

Page 18

Zero: Looks like it’s extremely difficult to stop him if he truly intends to get away.

Yuuki: Hmmm…right, just as you said, right…

Page 19

Yuuki: Are you ready?

Zero: Almost.

Yuuki: That’s quick. It’s great that Isaya-san and everyone else are alright…

Zero: Are you not concerned about what Shoutou Isaya and Kuran Kaname talked about?

Yuuki: Of course I’m concerned. I’ve thought about what happened tonight…

Page 20

(cont’d) everything…such as I didn't even know that you could dance.

Zero: What are you talking about?

Yuuki: Hmmm…yeah, that was just an illusion, because the Zero I know can’t dance at all. I’m reminded of what happened at the dancing festival of the academy.

Page 21

(cont’d) Zero came in late, covered in blood when I was decorating the venue. There was a girl who wanted to dance with you and approached you for this, but you turned her down flat…hey, after the masquerade, I’ve been thinking…if…we had been able to meet each other as ordinary humans instead of a vampire and a hunter, what would have happened to us?

Page 22

(cont’d) Could I have told myself frankly that I thought Zero was so handsome? Because you wouldn’t have been held back for your grades, you would have been my senpai by one year. But you probably wouldn’t have been on good terms with my brother Kaname. And the day before the dancing festival, I would have run into "Zero-senpai", covered in blood because he got into a fight. Then I would have taken out a band-aid and told him that “you are not supposed to fight”.

Page 23

(cont’d) I would have been mad while attending to “Zero-senpai”’s wounds, and he would have just let me do it. And then…what would have happened after that, or maybe nothing at all?

Page 24

(cont’d) What would the 17-year-old human Yuuki have done?

Zero: You really are an idiot, aren’t you?

Page 25

Yuuki: Eh?

Zero: If we were both human, we wouldn’t have crossed paths to start with. So don’t trouble yourself with impossible fantasies. Let’s go.

Page 26

Yuuki: Zero…Zero…Zero…

Page 27

Yuuki: Zero…

Zero: Yuu…

Page 28

Zero: Something…something (inside me) is disappearing…um…

Page 29

Zero: What…are you doing…

Page 30

Zero: Yuuki…ugh

Yuuki: If I suck out your memories about me, and erase me from your heart, you’ll be relieved of your burden.

Zero: Erase….?

Page 31

Zero: My memories of her...Stop, I won’t let you do this. Stop it, Yuuki!

Yuuki: Sorry…

Page 32

Yuuki: I’m so sorry…but I can’t leave before I do this. The only way to stop Kaname is for me to turn him human.

The final arc starts in January! (yup, no VK next month)

I hope there aren't too many mistakes, I couldn't spare more than 30 seconds on each page, and I don't have to time to go over the translation. Also, I regret to tell you all that I won't be able to do the translation as fast from this month onward, 'cos I just started my new-1 hr and 40 mins away from home-night shift-9 hr/day job. So each month when a new chapter is released on baidu, I would be elbows deep in my work and when I come home it'd be way past midnight. I'll try to find sometime when I can, but don't get your hopes up since my only free time is weekends. Let's just pray that the remaining chapters get released on weekends.

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